Clemson Football: Tigers are on a different level right now


Between recruiting, culture, development and coaching, the Clemson football program has established itself on a completely different level.

The Clemson football program is on a completely different level right now, and that’s very clear.

The Tigers are recruiting on another level. They’re developing players when they get on campus. They’re maintaining one of the greatest coaching staffs in the country. And they’re creating a culture where players are wanting to come and stay.

Dabo Swinney has taken a program that was in shambles without much direction and has turned it into a national juggernaut on a level that many never thought we’d see.

When you look at programs across the nation, the Clemson football program ranks No. 1 and it’s really not all that close.

The Tigers may have dropped one in the National Championship game, but they’re still on top when you’re looking at programs and sustainability.

At this point, here’s what the pecking order of College Football looks like in our eyes.

  • Clemson
  • Ohio State
  • Alabama
  • LSU
  • Georgia
  • Oklahoma
  • Everyone else

Clemson, Ohio State and Alabama are in one tier but it’s established that they’re in that order. Ohio State has a great coach in Ryan Day who has built on what Urban Meyer had and has the Buckeyes in position to compete in the future.

Nick Saban’s Alabama program has taken a step back, but you can’t completely discount the Crimson Tide yet because of the level that Saban is still recruiting.

We have LSU fourth because the Tigers just won the National Championship and Ed Orgeron is recruiting at a high level. Though the Tigers have lost a ton of talent off that 2019 team, they still have a chance to compete in the future.

Georgia and Oklahoma round out our list as two programs that probably should be higher, but aren’t. Neither have gotten over the hump. They’ve competed near the top, but they always tend to fall short at some point.

They’re both recruiting at a high level- Georgia is always in the top-three in the country- but never get over the final hurdle to win a National Championship. Until they do that, they’ll continue to stay a tier below.

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Clemson football fans should appreciate what Swinney has done with this program and the fact that the Tigers aren’t taking a backseat to anyone across the nation.