Clemson Football: CFB fans still have extreme jealousy for the Tigers


The heights that the Clemson football program has ascended to doesn’t resonate well with fans of opposing fanbases across the country.

You would think that fans of opposing fanbases would be done worrying about Clemson football after the Tigers lost in the National Championship game against LSU.

Instead, though, it seems they are just as fixated upon the Tigers as they ever have been before.


Well, the Clemson football program isn’t going anywhere.

Did the Tigers suffer a loss to LSU a few weeks ago? Yes. But that’s not going to change the fact that Clemson will be back in the hunt for yet another CFB Playoff berth and another chance at the National Championship.

As a matter of fact, Clemson is considered the odds-on favorite to win the National Championship in 2020.

Because of Dabo Swinney’s success, the Clemson football program has ascended to new heights. The Tigers are now the new class of College Football and nothing’s going to get in their way from consistently competing year-in and year-out.

When Clemson’s 2020 schedule was released, the haters came out of the woodwork.


I love the fans that believe that their respective team could go undefeated with Clemson’s schedule. Look, the truth is this: If you’re not Clemson, and you’re not a select group of other programs who are ahead of the curb (ie Alabama, Ohio State, LSU), you’re not going to go undefeated in the ACC, no matter how much you believe you will.

No matter how bad the ACC is- and it is bad- you can’t discount how good Clemson is, like these fans try do to.

Put Clemson in the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 or Pac-12 and guess what: More times than not, the Tigers likely win their conference. Oh, and if they’re in the SEC they get a mulligan anyway.

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The jealousy towards Clemson’s program is real and it’s entertaining. Enjoy it, Tiger fans. Soak it in. Clemson may have fallen, but there’s no doubting that the Tigers will be back on top very soon. In terms of program strength, they’re already on top.