Clemson has proven that winning Signing Day doesn’t mean championships


Clemson football will finish with a Top 3 signing class when the 2020 recruiting cycle comes to an end on February 5th. Having the top class would be nice, but it means nothing to Clemson or its culture.

Head Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney has talked about how one of the few things he has never accomplished at Clemson is having the top recruiting class. After the early signing day, Clemson went into the clubhouse as the leader.

Chances are, the University of Georgia will pass them when everything is said and done in three weeks.

Since the December signing day, UGA has picked up several commitments from the remaining 5-star recruits and rumors are that the top running back in 2020, Zach Evans, is also going to choose the Dawgs. If that happens, they will pass Clemson and finish with the best class for the second time in three years.

If that happens, no one at Clemson will shed a tear. Sure, recruiting is the lifeblood of every program, but more important is the ability to get kids into school and develop those players.

No one in the country develops kids better than Clemson and that has been proven over the last decade. Only Alabama has more championships during the last decade but schools like USC, Tennessee, UGA, Texas, and Florida have all finished with better-recruiting classes than Clemson has on a year to year basis. Only UGA has a playoff berth.

Going into the final rankings by the recruiting websites, multiple early Clemson signees have actually dropped in the rankings which have lowered Clemson’s overall per player ranking while other schools have seen an increase in their signee rankings.

While it would be great to see Coach Swinney get his first-ever top-ranked recruiting class, chances are it will not be for the 2020 or 2021 cycle. They will finish in the Top 5 for both years but more than likely no higher than number two.

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As we have seen over the last five years, recruiting rankings do not win championships. There is no parade, no rings, and no t-shirts. Development matters and Clemson has shown over the last decade that no one does this better. Not UGA, not Alabama and not LSU.

Best is the standard and recruiting class rankings will never change that.