Clemson Football Fan Appreciation: September Edition.

Oct 11, 2014; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson Tigers fans react after Clemson Tigers wide receiver Adam Humphries (not pictured) returns a punt for a touchdown during the first quarter against the Louisville Cardinals at Clemson Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 11, 2014; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson Tigers fans react after Clemson Tigers wide receiver Adam Humphries (not pictured) returns a punt for a touchdown during the first quarter against the Louisville Cardinals at Clemson Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports /

The Clemson football team is currently 2-0, but it has been a bit of a struggle so far. Fans are chirping and chatting about the victories over Troy and Auburn, but most remain confident that the win column will continue to rise and perfection is imminent.

Meet one of those confident fans and our Fan of the Month, Shelby Ann Flann from Chapin, SC.

Do you remember specifically where your love of Clemson football came from?

Shelby: My love for my Tigers came from the most loving, best grandpa in the whole world, William Erskine, Jr. I can remember him in his orange overalls and me in mine yelling for our Tigers. One of my fondest memories is as a little girl, watching the cheerleaders and the band both walk down the hill to the stadium. A cheerleader grabbed me and asked my parents to let me walk with them. So, I with my pom pom and all the excitement, walked with my head high and yelled for my Tigers. I will never forget that.

Favorite player or players? Name three. 

Shelby: My favorite all time player is James(Jim)Davis Stuckey, DE 1976-1979. I can remember as a young girl running on the field after the games to get a hug from him, getting a picture with him, and getting his autograph. I’m also a huge fan of Carlos Watkins, Cordrea(Tootie) Tankersly, and Adrian Baker Sims. Sorry, I had to slip one extra in. Lol.

Favorite coach or coaches?

Shelby: My all time favorite coaches. That is easy to answer. 1)Coach Danny Ford. He taught me as a young girl that no matter your age, you can set goals and see them come through. He is the youngest coach in history to win the National Championship. I loved his excitement and dedication that he gave to our team and university. As a matter of fact, I remember being at the National Championship watching Clemson put a beat down on Nebraska. What a wonderful, great memory to have!!!

2)Coach Dabo Swinney. I love Dabo for several reasons. First, he is a man of God. I love that he is a christian and is not afraid to express that. Secondly, every young man that comes or who has came to Clemson, has not only been taught how to play football, but also how to become young, respectful men. He treats them all like they are his sons. He is a no-nonsense coach but, he loves all his players. Finally, his excitement and love for the game. He is just awesome and a great role model for Clemson.

Can your friends and family tell when the Tigers lose by your demeanor or actions? 

Shelby: When Clemson loses a game, my family and friends do notice that my demeanor does change but, it is still positive and not negative. I always say, “It’s ok, we just need to re-group and focus in the next game”. “We can’t worry about the past, let’s move forward and look to the future”. I still celebrate our guys because they went out there and gave their all, for all of us and themselves. I always say, “Win, lose, or draw, I’m a Tiger girl till I die”. All In

Where did you watch the National Championship game?

Shelby: Even though we had tickets to the National Championship game, due to a family emergency, I stayed home and watched the game with my Clemson family, (our group that gets together)Randy Flamn, Garland Golstin, and Jadon Hathcock. We had a blast!!!!

After being in the National Championship game and being such a consistent football program recently, Clemson has and will have haters. What would you say to them?

Shelby: Cool. Haters….wow, we have a lot of them. Honestly, I just sit back and laugh at all of them. I look at it like this. Under Coach Dabo Swinney, Clemson has come a long way. Our guys have gone out on that field and EARNED every yard of respect.

Nothing was handed to them. They went out there with determination, guts, and hard work to get where they are. As Coach Dabo Swinney said, “We give these guy’s scholarships, stipends, meals, and room and board. I can’t give them guts. These guy’s tonight brought BYOG.” Our young men bring guts!! Really, there is nothing you really you can say to haters because no matter what you say, haters are going to hate.

I know you have organized a Clemson cruise. Are there any spots available and if so, how can someone join the cruise? Will there be a 2018 cruise? 

Shelby: I have organized a cruise. It is called “The Clemson Family Cruise with special guest Coach

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Danny Ford 1981 National Championship coach and nominee for the Collegiate Football Hall of Fame, James(Jim) Davis Stuckey, DE 1976-1979 Clemson team and 4 time Super Bowler with 2 rings, and our former quarterback we all love, Tajh Boyd. There are still cabins available.

Please contact our travel agent, Cindi Parnell at Cindi’s Travel at 803-351-5986 or at This is going to be a Pawsome cruise that is going to paint the Carnival Ecstasy Orange!!! If our Clemson Family can not make our cruise this year, we are already planning the 2018 cruise.

What motivated you to organize a Clemson cruise?

Shelby: I organized this cruise because there are so many members of the Clemson family that I have never met. I wanted to bring us together to “meet and greet”. This cruise is a fantastic time to meet your Clemson family you didn’t know prior or to put a face to someone you speak to on the Clemson boards. So come join us!!! Go Tigers!!!

Give me a prediction for this football season. 

Shelby: My prediction for this year is 15-0. I believe this is our year. We have the players, the determination, the hunger, and guts to do it. I see us as the winner of our division, the ACC Title game, and as the National Champs. Hey, I’m “All in”!!!

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Lastly, deliver your personal message to the Clemson football fans. 

Shelby: My message to Clemson Nation. I’m so honored and proud to be apart of the Clemson Family. We are One Nation, One University, One Team, and One Family. Nothing could ever replace the love that I have for Clemson University or my Clemson Family. Thank you all for making me apart of this family. I love you all. #BYOG,ALLIN,GOTIGERS!!

And just in case, you have any doubt about her love for the Tigers. Shelby states,

"I was born with Orange Blood and have been a DIE HARD Clemson fan all of my life. Clemson girl till I die."