Clemson Football vs. Wofford: Who’s Got the Advantage?


Clemson football season begins this Saturday and the Tigers open up with the Wofford Terriers. Let’s see who’s got the advantage on each side of the ball.

Clemson football season is almost here and that means it time to analyze each and every aspect of the football season. Each week, we will preview the game by looking at several different aspect of the games. We will look at the game when Clemson has the ball, when the Tigers are on defense, who has the special teams advantage, and who has the coaching advantage. All of these aspects should give us a better idea of what to expect of the game the coming Saturday.

This week, Clemson football will play the Wofford Terriers. Let’s take a look at who’s got the advantage in every aspect of this game Saturday.

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When Clemson has the ball:

When Clemson has the ball, the Tigers will bring one of the deepest wide receiver groups and the best quarterback in the nation into play. The Tigers are also deep in the running back group. The main questions come along the Clemson offensive line, but the Tigers should be able to handle their own against Wofford. The Terriers may be able to hold Clemson for a quarter or maybe a half, but depth and talent will start to take over at least in the second half. Clemson should be able to get several different players in the game before Saturday comes to a close.

Advantage: Clemson

When Wofford has the ball:

The Terriers, if you have seen their film, love to run the triple-option out of every single possible formation that it could run out of. Wofford will spread the field and run the spread, while also taking snaps under center and throwing the ball. They like to do a little of it and that may spell trouble for a young and inexperienced defensive front for Clemson. The Tigers will bend, but they will not break. Clemson may give up a couple of scores on Saturday, but it will give them a chance to learn and grow from their mistakes and come back stronger. Just like the offensive side of the ball, however, talent and depth win out at this position and Clemson is able to keep the Terriers in check during the game.

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Advantage: Clemson

Special Teams:

Both teams have had problems with special teams in the past. Wofford may have a little more proven talent in the kick return game, but not much. The Tigers have a lot of talent and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. To be honest, the only thing I want from the Clemson special teams is solid coverage and good kicking. If the Tigers can get that done, they will be able to win the special teams battle.

Advantage: Clemson


Wofford Head Coach Mike Ayers is a very intelligent and knowledgeable football coach. He has a solid staff under him, as well, but nothing compared to the group Clemson has. From Dabo Swinney to Brent Venables to Tony Elliot and Jeff Scott, Clemson has the better coaches. All due respect to the Wofford coaches, they are amazingly smart and passionate, but Clemson has the advantage here.

Advantage: Clemson

The Tigers have an advantage in each and every aspect of the game. To me, this seems like a game that end with a final score of 45-10. I think the Clemson offense may get out to a slow start and the defense may make a few mistakes, but at the end of the day, Clemson football fans are going to be pleased with what they see.

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