Clemson vs. Wofford: 5 Players to Watch

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Apr 11, 2015; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson Tigers players prior to the Clemson spring game at Clemson Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Green

T.J. Green is the first player to keep your eye on. He is now listed as the starter at the free safety position after many talks in which Jadar Johnson was going to start. Johnson is now Jayron Kearse’s backup at the strong safety position and Green will be the starter. His backup is redshirt freshman Jefferie Gibson and he will be relied upon heavily in the Clemson secondary.

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The Tiger secondary is expected to be elite, but they need T.J. Green to step up and be even better than he was last season. He has the opportunity to prove just how good he can be and be the “bow” that ties this secondary together. He also could be the downfall of the secondary should he not live up to his hype.

Green is extremely talented and is expected to do great things this season. T.J. Green is fast, physical, and knows the game well- all of which combine to give you a solid free safety. However, he is going to be relied upon to be elite, not just solid, on this Tiger defense this year.

This Saturday, watch to see where his eyes are. Are they spying in the backfield and is he fooled on an option play that goes deep or does he stay at home and wait for the play to develop. When he reads the run play, watch to see if he comes up and takes good angles to stop the runner or allows extra yardage off of a bad angle. These are just a few things to watch with T.J. Green this Saturday.

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