Monday Mailbox: 6/22/15 Edition


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We have a special guest joining us for this edition of the Monday Mailbox. We are pleased to say Ms. Debby Laidlaw, our RTR Fan of the Month, will be answering the questions with us to give her insight on the questions asked for this week.

What does Monte Lee bring to the table as Clemson’s Head Coach?

"Andrew: Recruiting. Monte Lee will bring enthusiasm and will help get rid of the pressure the baseball team has been feeling, but the most important thing he will help with is recruiting. He has been all around the state of South Carolina, coaching at Spartanburg Methodist, College of Charleston, and was an assistant under Ray Tanner at South Carolina."

"Ty: Monte Lee can bring a fresh start to the baseball program and he can continue to recruit this state because of his ties through his tenure at The College of Charleston and his six years as an assistant at South Carolina. Lee took his Cougars to the playoffs 4 of his 7 years and was recognized as one of the Top 10 rising head coaches in baseball by Perfect Game. However, Lee will have to deal with the early departures of Tyler Krieger and Steven Duggar and signees Cornelius Randolph and Jalen Miller signing MLB contracts. Clemson fans will have to give him time to get the program back up to speed."

What do you think of the Co-Offensive Coordinator idea for this season?

"Andrew: I like it a lot. Both men deserved an opportunity to step up into a coordinator role and they both seem to work well together. This should help recruiting because both are elite recruiters and know the game really well. I think this was a great hire from Dabo and it should work out well."

"Ty: I like the co-offensive coordinator idea. Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott coach the running backs and the wide receivers, respectively. I know that Elliott will call the plays but the experience from both guys at Clemson and as position coaches will create cohesion and a familiarity that will bode well for the Clemson offense."

"Debby: I honestly am excited about the Co offensive Coord – 2 is always better than one and I feel that they each bring something different to the table. We will have one on the field and one in the box and that just gives us double opportunities to call the right plays. I am anxious to see it is action. Both men will do an awesome job…..communication will be the key and he great news is they have been on the same team forever. To me it’s a Win/Win situation."

What are your biggest concerns for this season?

"Andrew: My biggest concern is the front line on both sides of the ball. Clemson will have to replace their entire defensive line to the NFL, but even more so is the offensive line. The Tigers have to protect Deshaun Watson in order to have a good season and keep him healthy."

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"Ty: There is so much skill on the Clemson offense and enough talent on defense to make this team a final four hopeful. So what is my biggest concern? I echo the sentiments of every college football analyst, publication, and fan. Clemson’s season depends on the health of Deshaun Watson and the ability of his backups Nick Schuessler, Kelly Bryant, and Tucker Israel to manage the position if he gets injured.  Clemson fans have toes and fingers crossed for a healthy Watson and all the possibilities it could bring to the program in 2015 and beyond."

"Debby: I am certainly more excited than concerned about this season however it is key for us that DeShaun Watson stays healthy and protected. He is getting a lot of attention so we will new our offensive line to be on point – I believe they will be….on the other side of the ball even though we lost some awesome key players we have awesome key players ready to fill those shoes!!! I am more worried about sitting in the hot sun the first 2 games than I am anything else."