Monday Mailbox: Second Edition


Every Monday afternoon, we have started a “mailbox” where we will field answers to your questions, whatever they may be pertaining to Clemson University, athletics, or sports in general throughout the week.

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This week, we received several questions and perspectives that made us not only think outside of the box, but research to come up with answers. Some of the questions will be answered next week and, for a more in-depth analysis of these questions, make sure you listen to the Solid Orange Friday Podcast coming up this week. I also ask you to leave your answers to the questions and give your insight to some of these questions that we have taken a look at this week. So, without further a due, here is the second edition of the “Monday Mailbox.”

Who is, in your opinion, the starting running back come fall time?

"Andrew: I think the running back group will be a shared spot this season. With all the talent you have at that position, I think you go with the hot hand game by game. If Wayne Gallman is running the ball effectively, you leave him in the game, if Tyshon Dye is having a great game, you leave him in, same for C.J. Davidson, Adam Choice, or Zac Brooks. However, I think Gallman will have the chance first to be the “starter” and deserves that after his performance last season, but I do think Brooks, Choice (when healthy), and Dye can all make a case for being the starter come fall time."

"Ty: Wayne Gallman will be the starting tailback. Gallman is fearless, quick, durable, versatile, and he doesn’t fumble. He isn’t a game breaker but gets where he’s going in a hurry. Gallman runs a little high at times and must learn to block better. But he has more field experience than Tyshon Dye or CJ Fuller, better ball security than CJ Davidson, and he is healthier than Zac Brooks."

What needs to be done to fix the basketball program?

"Andrew: I think it just takes time and consistency. The team looked good at times this season and then wouldn’t look so good. The early losses in November cost them a shot at the NIT and, obviously, if K.J. McDaniels stays, you’re probably in the Big Dance. With that being said, it all starts with recruiting. Brownell is bringing in some guys that can shoot the basketball and that’s what Clemson needs. They need someone that can consistently score the basketball. It only takes one guy and I think, even as soon as next season, Clemson’s basketball program will have improved. The new facilities are also going to generate more high-quality recruits, which lead to a better program, overall."

"Ty: Consistency!!! That is what Clemson basketball needs.  Brownell’s best team was his first team. That team defended their tails off even though they were less talented and overmatched most nights. Now, what you get is bad offense, spotty defense, and no roster continuity. You never know what you will see from game to game and who will be on the roster the following season. The talent is improving and the facilities are being upgraded so let’s see what the future brings for Clemson."

Which incoming freshman has the best chance to make an impact this season for Clemson football?

"Andrew: Many of the freshmen coming in have a chance to play. I think Mitch Hyatt and Noah Green will probably start, as well as several others. However, impact-wise, Deon Cain is the guy to look for. Dabo himself called him a “mix between Nuk and Sammy Watkins.” Those two may be the two best wide receivers in program history and, if you see his tape, he is no joke. He may not start the first game of the season, but he will be on the field making plays this season and just continuing to prove Clemson is WRU."

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"Ty: Ray Ray Mccloud is my impact frosh for 2015-16 Clemson football. He could mainly have an impact as a punt returner. He is dynamic, quick, and a tough competitor. The punt return game the last 5 years has been dormant. Besides an occasional return by Watkins and a touchdown return by Humphries this past season. If you betted against a “fair catch” or a “secure the ball and see how many yards I can get punt return,” then you lost. Mccloud can also be used as a runner on sweeps and as a wildcat quarterback. What determines his position? Depth. We have depth at wide receiver and tailback so he maybe used in special situations or plays. If he can secure the ball, then he will return punts."

Other than the 1981 Clemson team, which is the best of all time?

"Andrew: This is hard because there have been a lot of elite Clemson teams come through before the 1981 team and after, as well. I’m going to stick with the 1978 Clemson team. They finished with a record of 11-1, and undefeated in conference coached by Charley Pell. They won the ACC Championship that season and the only loss came to Georgia early in the season. They finished the season ranked sixth in the nation. This was one of the building blocks for the 1981 team, coached by Danny Ford to come in and succeed."

What’s your thoughts, Tiger Nation? Who is the starting running back come fall-time? Which Clemson team was the best other than the 1981 team you can remember? Comment below with your answers!