One Quick Thing: Don't lose your mind over Clemson Football wide receiver injuries

Fans hoped 2024's spring practice would be relatively injury-free for Clemson Football's wide receivers, but a couple setbacks have our anxiety levels rising again.

Clemson wide receiver Adam Randall (8) during Spring practice at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility
Clemson wide receiver Adam Randall (8) during Spring practice at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK

Clemson Football has been stuck in a rut the past few years regarding the wide receivers and injuries.

We’ve noted a few times how the Tigers have been in a pattern of a freshman wide receiver who steps up and creates a lot of excitement only to be limited by injuries as a sophomore. Beaux Collins was that freshman in 2021 who started fine in 2022 but eventually was banged up enough that he had to sit out most of the back half of the season.

Antonio Williams stepped up in Collins’s absence and looked great, but was limited as a sophomore as well. We all hope Tyler Brown can break the cycle in 2024 and continue the momentum he gained as a freshman in 2023.

Another unfortunate trend for the receivers has been limited availability for spring practices. Several players have missed part or all of the spring in the past two seasons.

It seemed like that trend was changing slightly this year. We learned Brown was recovering from surgery and somewhat limited. We also found out rising second-year guys Ronan Hanafin and Noble Johnson would be unavailable while they continued to recover from ailments.

Otherwise, things looked positive. Cole Turner was back after missing almost the entire 2023 season and incoming freshman Bryant Wesco had enrolled early.

Just over a week into practices, we might want to dial back any anticipation of a readily available wide receiver group.

Adam Randall excited fans a little over a week ago with this effort.

By the beginning of this week, Randall was in yellow.

Troy Stellato was a big plus for the receivers in 2023 after being mostly sidelined for the first two seasons in the program. He started spring practice but now appears that he won’t finish it.

It’s only two players that we weren’t expecting. In Stellato’s case, it appears that the staff knew this was coming, they just didn’t share. I don’t blame them. Clemson fans are likely sensitive to injury news at this point. I know I am.

Injuries in the spring don't mean Clemson Football wide receivers can't get healthy for the fall

I am trying to be realistic, however. It’s no fun to be stressed about another year with limited availability at receiver. Williams, Turner, and Wesco will be the main guys in the spring game, barring further injuries. If Randall’s injury isn’t serious and he can get back to playing full speed before the spring game, each squad will have two primary targets at receiver.

There will also be Misun Kelley, who repped receiver in 2023 but has been mentioned as a candidate to move to defensive back eventually. He will also be key on special teams.

After that, however, we should be prepared for a solid dose of walk-ons. For the record, I’m not a walk-on hater. In fact, I would like to formally announce the man I am most rooting for to catch a touchdown pass in a game this season will be Blackmon Huckabee, Jr.

Nonetheless, it is hard on the other positions when the Tigers don’t have a reasonably deep receiver room to fill out both rosters. We might have to practice restraint of judgment if what we see from the offense in the spring game once again underwhelms.

I know, that’s no fun, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Otherwise, we’ll lose our minds, and it’s just spring.