Clemson Tigers News: TJ Moore, Hevin Brown-Shuler, Brannon Spector

Two Clemson Football recruits are making a splash at the All-American Bowl and a veteran Tiger wide receiver has entered the transfer portal
Dec 3, 2022; Charlotte, NC, USA; Clemson Tigers fans Dean Cox (left) and Tony Adams dressed as Santa Claus
Dec 3, 2022; Charlotte, NC, USA; Clemson Tigers fans Dean Cox (left) and Tony Adams dressed as Santa Claus / USA TODAY NETWORK

Today’s Events

Clemson Men’s Basketball at Miami: 8:00 PM in Coral Gables, Florida – The Tigers return to ACC action with a visit to the Hurricanes.

Read Marty Coleman’s preview of the game here.

Clemson Football Class of 2024 recruits will play in All-Star games

Clemson Football will be represented today in the Under Armour All-America game, which will be televised on ESPN at 4:00 PM and available for streaming on the ESPN app.

Tavoy Feagin, Corian Gipson, Elyjah Thurmon, and Bryant Wesco will be part of the rosters in today’s game. Gipson will not play due to injury.

The All-American Bowl will be played on January 6th at 1:00 PM, and it will also feature 2024 players. TJ Moore, Hevin Brown-Shuler, and Christian Bentancur will play in the game. Sammy Brown was invited, but will not play due to injury.

Brown-Shuler was noted for his aggressiveness.

Always good to see a big man move like that, but it was his soon-to-be teammate Moore who was making eyeballs pop out.

If Clemson receivers need to create more separation, then that’s how you do it. As if you needed to see more, how about a one-handed catch for a touchdown?

These plays got Moore listed as the No. 2 performer for the East squad on Day 1.

He should probably be the No. 1 player, but that Jeremiah Smith guy is good too.

Transfer portal update

Clemson Football has one more player entering the transfer portal.

Brannon Spector will be taking advantage of his final season of eligibility but has chosen to do it elsewhere. This is an understandable decision. While Spector got decent playing opportunities in 2022, his snaps were significantly reduced this season as other players climbed the depth chart.

A former Clemson Football player is now entering the portal for the second time.

Michael Dukes transferred from Clemson to USF when Jeff Scott was the head coach. He will now be moving to his third team.

One last TJ Moore highlight. Just for fun.

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