Clemson Tigers News: ACC approves settlement, Women's Golf, International call-ups

The ACC has joined the Big 12 in approving the House vs NCAA settlement, Clemson Women's Golf has ended their run in the NCAA Championship, and multiple Tigers will compete in international competition.
Clemson University Tiger mascot during Tiger Walk before the Spring football game in Clemson, S.C. Saturday, April 6, 2024.
Clemson University Tiger mascot during Tiger Walk before the Spring football game in Clemson, S.C. Saturday, April 6, 2024. / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK

ACC approves settlement in House vs NCAA

The Atlantic Coast Conference took a big step towards changing the landscape of college sports last night by approving the proposed settlement in the House vs NCAA court case.

The Big 12 had approved the proposal earlier in the day. The SEC and Big Ten are expected to do the same this week.

House vs NCAA is a case brought by former athletes who were barred from earning NIL when they played for NCAA programs. The proposed settlement is two-fold. It will involve back payment to former athletes while also changing the business model of the NCAA moving forward to include revenue sharing with the athletes.

There are a lot of questions that remain to be answered or decided, but the basic framework of the deal would allow schools to share up to $20 million of athletic department revenues (including television revenue) with the student-athletes.

The settlement stops short of labeling the student-athletes as employees and would not include collective bargaining. Those are steps that could still be taken at a later time.

Schools would not be required to share revenue with athletes. $20 million is an upper limit and not a requirement.

Clemson Women’s Golf finishes NCAA Championship in the quarterfinals

Clemson Women’s Golf had their best showing in program history at this year’s NCAA Championship in Carlsbad, California. The Tigers advanced to the knockout round stage for the first time, finishing fifth in stroke play after the first four days.

Clemson drew the USC Trojans as an opponent on Tuesday and lost 3-1-1 to be eliminated from contention.

Annabelle Pancake won her match while Melena Barrientos tied her match.

Other news and notes from around Clemson Athletics:

Clemson Track & Field begins NCAA Regionals today in Lexington, Kentucky.

Two Clemson Women’s Soccer alumni, Sam Staab and Hal Hershfelt, have been called up to the US National Women’s Team for summer international games.

Clemson Gymnastics alum Kaitlin DeGuzman will represent The Philippines in the Asian Championships this year.