Clemson Football: When does the next transfer portal window open?

The next portal window opens this spring, but there are multiple reasons why players can enter the portal between now and then.
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Clemson Football has not taken any transfers this offseason. That doesn't mean they won’t take any before next season, however.

The Tigers are hovering right around the limit for scholarships, but there is always a chance (some might say likelihood) that more Clemson players will enter the portal before the 2024 season begins.

While the fall window for entering the transfer portal closed on January 2nd, there is one more entry period before next season.

The Spring Window for entering the transfer portal will open on Tuesday, April 16th. The window will remain open for fifteen days and close on Tuesday, April 30th.

These windows are strictly for entering the portal. Players may commit and sign with a new team at any time.

Additionally, there are exceptions to the windows allowed for certain players. Those who have graduated are allowed to enter the portal at any time.

Players who participated in postseason games are allowed to enter the portal for at least five days after their final game is played, even if that is past the end of the fall window.

Exceptions are also made for players from teams that have a change at head coach. Those players are allowed to enter the portal for thirty days after the coach leaves or is fired.

Clemson Football players can't enter the portal until April unless they already have their degrees

These schools have all had a change at head coach recently: Alabama, Washington, Arizona, San Jose State, South Alabama, and Buffalo.

Additionally, there is still speculation that Jim Harbaugh might leave Michigan to take a job in the NFL. Should that occur, players from the defending national champion could enter the portal for the following month.

While head coach Dabo Swinney and others from the staff have not ruled out taking players from the portal, the perfect set of circumstances probably must occur. Not only must they conclude there is a need, but their targets would have to reciprocate interest.