Clemson Football: What could the SEC/Big Ten advisory board lead to?

It is hard to know the right path for Clemson athletics because the future is difficult to predict, even for the schools of the Power Two.
Nov 17, 2023; Charlottesville, VA, USA; The NCAA logo
Nov 17, 2023; Charlottesville, VA, USA; The NCAA logo / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Clemson Football is keeping a close eye on the legalities between Florida State and the ACC as well as recent lawsuits filed by the states of Tennessee and Virginia against the NCAA. Both situations could be very impactful to the future of the sport.

In April 2021, a group of businessmen announced plans for a European Super League of soccer clubs. The idea was to bring the biggest soccer clubs on the continent together into a single annual competition.

The idea was met with a considerable amount of criticism from fans, players, managers, and governing bodies from across the continent. While there are a few international club tournaments, such as the UEFA Champions League and the Europa Cup, the primary competition for every club in Europe is their national competition.

Soccer fans in Europe didn’t want those traditional leagues to go away, even if the big boys like Manchester City and Bayern Munich were dominant over most of the other clubs.

College football has been moving in the direction of super leagues. The biggest programs want to maximize their income while also remaining eligible and relevant for the biggest prize in the sport: the national championship.

One day it might be a single super league. It is too early to know what that might look like yet, but we can read the tea leaves to see at least a few options that are realistic within the next decade, and the SEC and the Big Ten appear ready to take the initiative to start the ball rolling.

So what are the possible outcomes?

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