Clemson Football: The worst College Football Playoff committee ever

If I could come up with the perfect CFP committee, then I could also come up with a nightmare committee. Here are thirteen people we should hope never make any important decisions for the playoffs.
Jul 17, 2019; Charlotte, NC, USA; ACC Commissioner John Swofford addresses the media
Jul 17, 2019; Charlotte, NC, USA; ACC Commissioner John Swofford addresses the media / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Paul Finebaum

I’m not sure I really need to present a whole lot of arguments here. Finebaum is well-known as the finest propagandist in college football. He makes Lou Holtz seem harmless.

Finebaum also makes Big Game Boomer look like a dilettante. He has built an empire pushing the buttons of both his fans and his haters.

In that regard, I consider Finebaum to be a genius. Not a respectable genius. More like an evil James Bond villain.

On the other hand, to date, we have very little evidence to suggest that Finebaum knows anything about sports. He has never been a genuine analyst. He is an entertainer.

If the point of the CFP committee was to assemble the most provocative and controversial playoff possible, then you should put Finebaum in charge.

Since the charge is to rank the best teams available, regardless of schedule or conference, we don’t know if Finebaum would actually know what to do.

I considered a couple of other names in this same theme. Joel Klatt (propagandist for Fox/Big Ten). Gary Danielson (propagandist for CBS/SEC). Then again, they both played college football. Klatt was a quarterback at Colorado. Danielson was a quarterback at Purdue.

No such experience on Finebaum’s resume. Just a history of newspaper and radio work to go with his BS in Political Science from the University of Tennessee.

You read that right. Political Science. From Tennessee.

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