Clemson Football: The Perfect College Football Playoff Committee

As we move into a new era of college football, the College Football Playoff committee will have a hard job. Here is my swing at the perfect thirteen people to make these hard decisions.
Jan 9, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA;  Peyton Manning and Steve Spurrier talk on the sideline
Jan 9, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA; Peyton Manning and Steve Spurrier talk on the sideline / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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Tom Fornelli

Gambling was once a very taboo subject both generally in society and specifically in sports. It has taken decades for the idea that betting spreads don’t just interest the people who want to bet money on games. Spreads and other odds have become a popular subject for a significant number of sports fans, even those who don’t want to ever place a bet.

Gambling odds can’t be considered an impartial assessment of sports, but they can give us many insights as to what experts are thinking. There are several people out there who discuss odds, and some focus their efforts specifically on college football.

There are several personalities in that industry that I enjoy, but one of my favorites, both from the perspective of entertainment and intelligence, is Tom Fornelli from CBS Sports.

I have become a fan of Fornelli while listening to the Cover 3 Podcast that he records with Chip Patterson, Bud Elliott, and Danny Kannell. If you can stomach Kannell, I recommend you give it a listen.

Like Pate, I don’t agree with every take Fornelli brings, but he usually has a well-thought-through explanation for his stance. He also tends to find those deep-cut statistics and trends that almost everyone else would not even think to look for but can suddenly completely change your perspective on a matchup.

If Fornelli wouldn’t take the job, Elliott would be a good addition too.

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