Clemson Football: The Perfect College Football Playoff Committee

As we move into a new era of college football, the College Football Playoff committee will have a hard job. Here is my swing at the perfect thirteen people to make these hard decisions.
Jan 9, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA;  Peyton Manning and Steve Spurrier talk on the sideline
Jan 9, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA; Peyton Manning and Steve Spurrier talk on the sideline / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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Andy Staples

Andy Staples is a writer and columnist who is currently with On3. He has also been employed by Sports Illustrated and The Athletic. He has been active with podcasts for years as well.

Much like Pate, Staples rarely has a position that he can’t defend, and it’s important to have people on the committee who think things through thoroughly.

Akin to my reasons for including Spurrier, Staples is also very good at challenging the positions of others. There have been several times I had an opinion until I heard/read Staples say “..but why?” and proceed to explain why my opinion was completely illogical.

Is it annoying sometimes? Yeah, but sometimes people need others to challenge them and take them outside of their comfort zone.

Is it a good idea to have two Florida Gators on the committee? Probably not, but I will give it a try, but this definitely means Tim Tebow is out. Sorry Tim.

Lastly, Staples is a foodie. There aren’t many places you can go in this country that he can’t make a recommendation on where you should eat. I was once writing a piece where I would pick an ultimate road trip for a college football season and one of the games would have been in Gainesville.

I tweeted Staples for his recommendation of a brewery in Gainesville I could go to before the game (you know, if it wasn’t make-believe) and he came through for me with his favorite.

If this committee puts in the work, they need to know where to go for fine meals and good beer.

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