Clemson Football: The Perfect College Football Playoff Committee

As we move into a new era of college football, the College Football Playoff committee will have a hard job. Here is my swing at the perfect thirteen people to make these hard decisions.
Jan 9, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA;  Peyton Manning and Steve Spurrier talk on the sideline
Jan 9, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA; Peyton Manning and Steve Spurrier talk on the sideline / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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The College Football Playoff will be entering a new era in 2024 when it expands to 12 teams and adds on-campus games for the first time in its history.

The landscape of college football will change even further as the PAC-12 dissolves and their teams move to the Big Ten, Big 12, and ACC. The SEC also adds teams.

One of the mysteries of this first season is the eventual makeup of the 12 teams that participate. It is expected that five of the teams will be conference champions. It was originally going to be six champions, but with the end of the PAC, most observers believe that the CFP will bump it back to five.

Most of the way-too-early polls give a heavy lean toward teams from the SEC and Big Ten. If they turn out to be accurate, we could be looking at a playoff that includes Notre Dame, three teams from other conferences, and then eight teams from the SEC and Big Ten combined.

I am not one of the people who think the committee is awful, but there are plenty of people who do. I do think they are imperfect. Sometimes that is because it is impossible to satisfy everyone.

We couldn’t possibly get all the people who would be best for the committee for a handful of reasons. Most of them have other jobs that take up their time.

If we could get anyone we wanted, who would it be? This would differ from person to person, but I took a swing at my perfect College Football Playoff committee.

Only rule: No athletic directors, school presidents, or politicians. OK three rules.

There are thirteen currently on the committee, so here are my thirteen:

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