Clemson Football returns to practice for the Gator Bowl

Matt Luke and Chris Rumph hit the ground running in their new roles
Clemson assistant coach Chris Rumph has returned to Dabo Swinney's staff
Clemson assistant coach Chris Rumph has returned to Dabo Swinney's staff / BART BOATWRIGHT, The Greenville News via

With exams this week, there aren’t many events going on, but Clemson Football did start bowl practices yesterday.

The press was allowed to watch and they are telling us a little bit about the new additions to the staff.

One of the clips that made the rounds was of Chris Rumph working with his defensive ends group.

Rumph was not hesitant to challenge their effort.

Though I thought the defensive ends had a good season for Clemson, I haven’t been shy about questioning the toughness of this team for the last couple of years. I think injecting a little fire into them will reap benefits.

Matt Luke met with the press as a member of the coaching staff for the first time, and he wasn’t hesitant to explain why he decided to come back to coaching, and why he chose Clemson.

Dabo Swinney did address a few subjects regarding the team as they prepare for the Gator Bowl.

He did confirm that both Rumph and Luke will be full-time coaches for both the lead-up to and during the Gator Bowl. He said they will have assistants who will help with communication.

Swinney confirmed that Will Shipley will be playing in the Gator Bowl but did not reveal if he will return in 2024.

Swinney noted that both Jaedyn Lukus and Branden Strozier had surgery after the season concluded. Considering that Nate Wiggins, Sheridan Jones, and Toriano Pride (transfer) aren’t available, this means Avieon Terrell, Shelton Lewis, and Myles Oliver will be holding down the corners.

Swinney mentioned it was all hands on deck at cornerback and that offensive players like Hamp Greene and Peyton Streko were helping out.

Swinney confirmed that Paul Tyson is returning for 2024 and that the Tigers will approach next season with the four quarterbacks currently on the roster: Cade Klubnik, Christopher Vizzina, Trent Pearman, and Tyson.

Swinney noted that they would like to add one more linebacker and another offensive lineman to their 2025 signing class. Presumably, these would be Bradley Shaw and Elyjah Thurmon.