5 Things I am watching in the Clemson Football Spring Game

March Madness may have our attention right now, but we are just over a week away from the Clemson Football Spring Game. Here are a few things I will be watching on April 6th.

Clemson quarterback Cade Klubnik (2) in a drill with quarterback Christopher Vizzina (17)
Clemson quarterback Cade Klubnik (2) in a drill with quarterback Christopher Vizzina (17) / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Peter Woods at Defensive End

We knew going into the spring sessions that Peter Woods was going to be a starter in 2024, but there was a fair amount of conjecture about where he would line up.

While Woods proved his worth at defensive tackle, there was a stronger need at defensive end. Many fans wondered if he could move around on the line once the season started.

Dabo Swinney addressed this on the first day of spring ball: Woods was moving to defensive end. That was a wise decision – keep it simple, and let Woods focus on one position in the spring exclusively. He played an entire season at tackle, so if you want him to be comfortable at both positions, narrow his scope this spring to the position he needs to learn.

That decision does not mean that we won’t see Woods at tackle in the fall, but it does likely mean we won’t see him swapping positions in the spring. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions if Woods doesn’t stand out at defensive end – there are several variables at play – but if he does look good, we have something else to be excited about.

I will also be looking at the other options at defensive end beyond Woods and TJ Parker. I think I know Cade Denhoff’s floor, but I’m not certain about his ceiling. I also haven’t seen enough of AJ Hoffler, Zaire Patterson, and Jaheim Lawson to judge.

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