5 positions where Clemson Football is deeper than we thought

Some individual performances in the Spring Game suggest certain position groups might be deeper than we expected in 2024.
Clemson linebacker Wade Woodaz (17) and Clemson linebacker Sammy Brown (47)
Clemson linebacker Wade Woodaz (17) and Clemson linebacker Sammy Brown (47) / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Cornerback - Tavoy Feagin

There is usually a young defensive back that catches my eye during the Spring Game. This year, Feagin jumped out quickly with a big interception that he returned deep into Orange territory. It was primarily a mistake between Cade Klubnik and his receiver, but Feagin did his job.

We got reinforcement later in the game when Feagin got his hands on two passes by Klubnik to break up the plays. They weren’t interceptions, but they were good examples of Feagin providing coverage that was difficult for Klubnik to navigate. With a little more experience, Feagin probably turns at least one of those plays into an interception.

The cornerback room has some talent but is limited in experience. The only way the group would have functional depth was if some of the freshman could contribute in their first season. Corian Gipson could emerge, but he was slowed during the spring while recovering from an injury sustained as a senior in high school.

It looks like Feagin can provide some depth, which will be key, especially if there are injuries or transfers (Monday).

It never feels like you can have enough talented and/or experienced cornerbacks. The experience will have to come as the season progresses for Feagin, but it appears he has the talent to be part of the rotation.