5 positions where Clemson Football is deeper than we thought

Some individual performances in the Spring Game suggest certain position groups might be deeper than we expected in 2024.
Clemson linebacker Wade Woodaz (17) and Clemson linebacker Sammy Brown (47)
Clemson linebacker Wade Woodaz (17) and Clemson linebacker Sammy Brown (47) / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Linebacker - Sammy Brown and Jamal Anderson

Similarly to Wesco, the only question with Brown was how quickly he would acclimate. He delivered a quick answer, earning a sack on his first play in the Spring Game.

As a Carolina Panthers fan, I am not keen on having to watch the Dirty Bird. Then again, if Anderson keeps making plays like his interception in the Spring Game, I’ll just look the other way.

We knew who Clemson had on the first string at linebacker if they were playing a 4-2-5, which has become a popular scheme for Wes Goodwin. Barrett Carter and Wade Woodaz have proven their capabilities.

The question for me this spring was whether anyone else would be ready for primetime. There seems to be confidence among the staff in Kobe McCloud and Dee Crayton could emerge as well, but based on the spring, Brown and Anderson are the ones who put what they could do on tape.

This opens several options for the defense, including a more traditional 4-3-4 where Woodaz slides to strong outside linebacker and Brown takes the middle spot, or Woodaz stays inside and Anderson takes the outside.

With Brown and Anderson looking ready to contribute, the linebackers look much deeper than we expected.

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