5 positions where Clemson Football is deeper than we thought

Some individual performances in the Spring Game suggest certain position groups might be deeper than we expected in 2024.
Clemson linebacker Wade Woodaz (17) and Clemson linebacker Sammy Brown (47)
Clemson linebacker Wade Woodaz (17) and Clemson linebacker Sammy Brown (47) / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Wide Receiver - Bryant Wesco

Wesco is a true freshman. We knew he had the talent, but would he be physically ready? As Dabo Swinney says, they need to “put him in a slow cooker” to bulk him up.

He clearly needs to add muscle, but that didn’t keep him from being competitive during the Spring Game. His touchdown catch from Pearman was the highlight of the day.

There are several names in the wide receiver room that we feel have the capability to be solid contributors. Antonio Williams, Tyler Brown, Troy Stellato, Cole Turner, Adam Randall, and now Wesco and TJ Moore, who won’t arrive until summer but sure looks like he will be a good one.

The depth seems to be there now, barring injuries and transfers (the portal opens Monday). Now the question becomes “Who will be the man?” I am still hesitant to put that kind of expectation on Wesco, but he looks natural on the field. Along with Williams and Brown, he could be a go-to guy for Cade Klubnik.

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