5 positions where Clemson Football is deeper than we thought

Some individual performances in the Spring Game suggest certain position groups might be deeper than we expected in 2024.
Clemson linebacker Wade Woodaz (17) and Clemson linebacker Sammy Brown (47)
Clemson linebacker Wade Woodaz (17) and Clemson linebacker Sammy Brown (47) / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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We are not supposed to put too much weight on the Spring Game, but you can always learn a little something, especially about the guys we haven’t seen on the field much (if ever).

A handful of players stepped up and made some good plays in the Spring Game that I wasn’t expecting. There were others that I knew were talented but I didn’t know if they would be ready to contribute right away.

Fortunately, some of those guys play positions where I was concerned Clemson might have thin depth. If the performances we saw in the Spring Game were an indicator of how these players will perform in the regular season, Clemson might be better off than we thought in those position groups.

Here are five groups that I feel better about after the Spring Game.

Defensive End - AJ Hoffler and Jaheim Lawson

I attended the Spring Game and sat behind the White bench. I had a close-up view of two of Hoffler’s sacks. I knew he was 6’-4”, but I don’t think I truly realized his size until the Spring Game. The man is tall, and he looks like he has filled out his frame significantly and might have more room to grow. He looked like a beast at times.

When Clemson signed Lawson, I thought there might be a chance that they would convert him to linebacker. His frame seemed small for a defensive end. At the very least, he would have to do a lot of work to be physically ready to play. It looks like he has done that sufficiently while also maintaining his speed. It isn’t every day that you see a defensive end defend a wheel route and leap to make an interception.

I liked what I saw from all of the defensive ends. I was particularly impressed by Lawson’s athleticism, but when it comes to that prototype defensive end that fits what the NFL could be looking for one day, Hoffler fits the bill. Honorable mention to Cade Denhoff and Zaire Patterson too, who both had their moments in the Spring Game.

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