5 Most glaring Clemson needs coming out of the transfer portal

Clemson Football might say they are comfortable with the roster they have now, but new voices like Matt Luke or Chris Rumph or veterans like Garrett Riley or Mike Reed might feel differently after they go through spring practices.
Dec 29, 2023; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney runs on the field
Dec 29, 2023; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney runs on the field / Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports
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Wide receiver - Ideal vs. Real

If there is one position that Clemson fans would very much like the Tigers to take a transfer, it is the wide receiver. For the second season in a row, the fans have been disappointed.

It doesn’t appear that Clemson put any real thought into taking a transfer at receiver. From a certain perspective, I understand their thinking.

They know they have Antonio Williams and Tyler Brown returning. They have both played the slot but conventional thinking is that one of them (probably Williams) will be moving to the outside.

Troy Stellato was a good depth piece by the end of the season, and they probably trusted him more than Adam Randall. Cole Turner will be returning from a season-long injury.

They also have Bryant Wesco and TJ Moore coming in the Class of 2024. Wesco will be an early enrollee, and Moore will arrive during the summer.

The ideal is that one of the freshmen acclimates quickly (the way Williams and Brown did) and they take the third starting spot, with Stellato, Turner, Randall and the other rookie providing the depth. Even if neither rookie is ready right away, they could elevate Stellato and he can hold that spot for a while.

The harsh reality: it’s been years since we’ve gotten the ideal at wide receiver. Injuries have impacted the group mightily. There have been times over the past five years when Clemson has started players who were walk-ons at receiver by the end of the season.

We don’t know Turner’s status for spring. If he doesn’t play, Randall doesn’t show signs of taking a step, and Wesco doesn’t strike them as likely to be ready by August – or in other words the ideal situation doesn’t match the real situation – it is conceivable that the staff decides a veteran presence from the portal might be a good idea.

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