5 Freshmen that need to be elite for Clemson Football in 2024

Since it doesn't look like Clemson Football will be adding talent through the portal, the Tigers need freshmen talent to contribute to get them back to the College Football Playoff.

Drew Woodaz, left, and Sammy Brown, signees, watch Clemson football team practice
Drew Woodaz, left, and Sammy Brown, signees, watch Clemson football team practice / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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TJ Moore

Clemson had a run of great wide receivers in the past decade. Nuk Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Mike Williams, Hunter Renfrow, Tee Higgins. I put pre-injury/illness Justyn Ross in that group as well.

Clemson has had some good wide receivers since, but the results on the field just haven’t been the same.

Fans have been excited about the two recruits that Tyler Grisham brought in with the Class of 2024. Bryant Wesco was the higher-rated prospect for most of the cycle, but some observers (most notably the guys over at Tiger Illustrated) have been touting Moore’s upside for some time now.

When Moore began standing out at a post-season all-star game, we started to understand why TI was so high on him.

When I saw clips like this, it really illustrated the difference between the decent receivers Clemson has brought in in recent years and the special receivers that they had in the past. Moore moves like a Higgins, a Watkins, a Hopkins. He has a ball-hawking ability we haven’t seen in a while.

Antonio Williams and Brown have the potential to take another step, and they were the most talented receivers when injuries weren’t impacting production. The Tigers need a downfield threat, however, and Moore has the potential to be that threat.

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