5 Freshmen that need to be elite for Clemson Football in 2024

Since it doesn't look like Clemson Football will be adding talent through the portal, the Tigers need freshmen talent to contribute to get them back to the College Football Playoff.
Drew Woodaz, left, and Sammy Brown, signees, watch Clemson football team practice
Drew Woodaz, left, and Sammy Brown, signees, watch Clemson football team practice / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Clemson Football has shifted its recruiting focus to the Class of 2025. This means we aren’t likely to see any more additions to the Class of 2024 unless something unexpected occurs.

While unexpected things seem to be occurring throughout college football often this offseason, they haven't impacted Clemson significantly. We probably know the players that will be joining the Tigers for this upcoming season. Some of them are already on campus.

The program has been on a solid foundation and has found the consistency that other programs lack, but the tradeoff has been that the Tigers haven’t been actively adding transfer talent the way other programs, such as Ohio State and Ole Miss, have been so far this offseason.

That tradeoff means the Tigers will be reliant on the players they have recruited from high school. It is well understood that they need key figures like Cade Klubnik, Antonio Williams, and Tyler Brown to stay healthy and take the next step in their development. They also need the offensive line as a unit to improve significantly.

Defensively they have several young players like Peter Woods, TJ Parker, Khalil Barnes, and Avieon Terrell who need to step up alongside veteran Barrett Carter.

To get to the next level (being a conference championship and a playoff berth), the Tigers will need some of the elite talent they have recruited this past cycle to make an impact as well, preferably sooner rather than later.

Here are five members of the Class of 2024 the Tigers will need to be impactful if the program is to return to national prominence.

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