5 Best Coaching Hires of the Dabo Swinney Era

In Dabo Swinney's fifteen full seasons as coach, there have been a lot of coaches and analysts who have come into the program. Here are his five best hires.
Brent Venables
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Clemson Football head coach Dabo Swinney has been in charge of the program for fifteen full seasons. In that time he has made several hires to his staff, both position coaches on the field and analysts behind the scenes.

He made two prominent hires this offseason. He brought in Matt Luke to oversee the offensive line group. He also brought back in Chris Rumph, who had a previous tenure in Clemson, to coach the defensive ends.

Both Luke and Rumph have solid resumes. Naturally, Clemson fans are excited to see what they can do with their respective position groups. I think it is fair to say that most eyes will be on Luke, as the offensive line’s play was a burden for the offense to bear in 2023.

Swinney doesn’t have a script on his hires. Sometimes they are guys with a lot of experience. Sometimes they are guys who are green and doing a job for the first time. There is no rhyme or reason concerning which works best. There are examples of successes and failures in each category.

Here are the five best hires that Dabo Swinney has made during his tenure as the head coach of Clemson Football.

No. 5: Wes Goodwin