5 Best Clemson NFL Draft gems of all-time

These five Clemson products provided the best value based on where they were selected in the NFL Draft.

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No. 1: Grady Jarrett

Atlanta Falcons

Defensive Tackle

2015 - 5th Round

The best Clemson draft pick in terms of value is still in the middle of his NFL career. Grady Jarrett has already been a two-time Pro Bowl selection and a second-team All-Pro in 2019.

In 2015, the Falcons got a steal when they selected him in the fifth round of the draft. But as a rookie, he made only 24 tackles and had just one sack.

He would improve in 2016 with 48 tackles and three sacks. That season, he also had three sacks in Super Bowl LI.

It was 2019 that saw Jarrett have his best season thus far, though. That year he posted 69 tackles and 7.5 sacks to earn not only a Pro Bowl selection but also second-team All-Pro honors. He would follow that up with a 2020 Pro Bowl selection after racking up 52 tackles and four sacks.

So far, Jarrett has amassed 443 total tackles and 34.0 sacks in his illustrious career. He's had six seasons of at least 50 tackles as well. That's why he's the biggest NFL Draft gem to come from the Clemson football program.