5 Best Clemson NFL Draft gems of all-time

These five Clemson products provided the best value based on where they were selected in the NFL Draft.

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No. 2: Terry Allen

Minnesota Vikings

Running Back

1990 - 9th Round

Running backs have notoriously short careers in the NFL. That's why Terry Allen's 11-year career ranks among the best by a Clemson football product.

Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1990, he was originally the backup to Hershel Walker. However, in his second year in the league, he was elevated to starting running back and he racked up 1,201 yards and 13 TDs.

Unfortunately, the next season he missed due to a knee injury. That didn't slow him down though upon his return. In 1994 he would put up 1,031 rushing yards and eight touchdowns.

In 1995 he signed with the Washington franchise and he would put together two 1,300-yard rushing seasons to begin his time there. What's more, in 1996 he led the NFL with 21 rushing TDs on his way to the Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro honors.

At the end of his career, he would spend one season each with New England, New Orleans, and Baltimore. Ultimately, he would post 8,614 yards and 73 TDs on the ground. He was one of the best RBs of his generation and one of the best draft picks to come from the Clemson program.