5 Best Clemson NFL Draft gems of all-time

These five Clemson products provided the best value based on where they were selected in the NFL Draft.

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No. 3: Johnny Rembert

New England Patriots


1983 -4th Round

Typically, All-Americans from Clemson don't last deep into the draft. But 1981 All-American linebacker Johnny Rembert lasted until the fourth round of the 1983 NFL Draft when the New England Patriots snatched him up. That proved to be a solid pick.

Rembert would play ten seasons in the NFL, all with New England. That was a total of 126 games.

Most notably, Rembert was a key part of the 1985 AFC Championship team that lost to the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX. In the Wild Card Round of that year's playoffs, he had a fumble recovery return for a touchdown against the New York Jets.

Rembert was twice selected to the Pro Bowl (1988 and 1989). That makes him quite the NFL Draft gem and one of the most successful NFL players to ever come from Clemson.