3 Sports that Clemson Athletics should add at the varsity level

The changes coming to big money sports like football might make it possible for Clemson University to add more sport programs in the coming years.

Ken Ruinard / staff
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Ice Hockey

Clemson has a club ice hockey team. You can follow their X account here. It’s a fun follow.

Hockey has a reputation for being a ‘northern’ sport, and for good reason. You play it on ice. There is a lot more ice up north than in South Carolina. It isn’t rocket science.

There is this thing, though, that many people from down south have figured out about hockey when they give it a shot: it is a lot of fun, especially if you get to see it in person. It is just one of those sports where it is difficult to translate the experience of watching the game live to the experience of viewing it on your television or cell phone.

I think Clemson fans would love to go see the Tigers play hockey in their arena against big-time college hockey programs. Therein lies one of the challenges.

Currently, Clemson’s club hockey team plays its games in Greenville because there isn’t a suitable facility closer to campus, which can be a challenge for students who want to be spectators. To elevate the program to the varsity level, Clemson would have to build a new facility, and it would be an investment.

But oh it would be so much fun.

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