3 questions about the Clemson Football wide receivers this spring

Clemson could have good depth at wide receiver in 2024 - if they can stay healthy and young players are ready to contribute right away.

Clemson wide receiver Cole Turner (22)
Clemson wide receiver Cole Turner (22) / Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Will the freshmen be ready?

Wide receivers coach Tyler Grisham had his best recruiting cycle yet for the Tigers with two big-time wins: Bryant Wesco and TJ Moore.

For much of the 2024 cycle, Wesco was considered the higher-rated prospect, but some observers were testifying that Moore was drastically under-rated. Anyone doubting that assessment was convinced when Moore hit the All-Star game circuit.

Now most people seem convinced that Clemson could have two difference makers coming in at receiver. While there is a very level-headed perspective that says we shouldn’t get too excited about freshmen, there are also memorable performances from freshmen players, like Ross, that demonstrate freshmen can make a huge impact.

Moore did not enroll early, but we will get a sneak peek at Wesco this spring. The good news is that Clemson has enough depth (again, barring injuries) that they should be okay if Wesco needs time to acclimate physically. Most fans don’t want 'okay', however.

If either Wesco or Moore is ready to contribute as Ross did in 2018, then this group could jump from okay to very good. Even Ross was gradually worked into the rotation, so if Wesco doesn’t flash this spring, it might simply mean he needs a little more time to be ready.

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