One Quick Thing: Dabo Swinney isn’t wrong about some Clemson Football fanatics

Dabo Swinney and several members of his staff met with the press and answered questions about the state of the Clemson Football program on Wednesday. One of the things he addressed was the frustration of Tiger fans over the results of the last couple seasons.

Swinney began his comments by reviewing the level of success the program has experienced since he was hired as the head coach. He followed that by explaining the importance of maintaining perspective after finding success.

“Hopefully moving forward we can have a reset and not have a bunch of miserable people out there if we don’t go 15-0. Because it’s going to be a very miserable life if that’s what you’re waiting on every single year to determine your happiness. We’ve got a bunch of great people that work their tails off and are incredibly committed to excellence every single year. And somewhere along the way, maybe we’ll have that perfection, but it’s a daily deal that you have to stay committed to.”

I’ve read/heard some opinions from Clemson writers and talking heads that were a bit bristled because they thought Swinney was chastising the majority of the fanbase who might have simply been frustrated. I didn’t take Swinney’s comments that way.

I don’t know how Swinney gets fan feedback. I’ve never pegged him as a person who looks at social media or message boards, but maybe I’m wrong. Whichever way he observes the fanbase, I can imagine its possible that he might have the impression that a large part is overly negative. If that is what Swinney thinks, he would be mistaken on that point.

Swinney is talking to the extreme of the fanbase whose enthusiasm and devotion leads to negativity and ugliness. The people who bastardize phrases like ‘best is the standard’ and try to turn it into a reason to be contumelious (insolently abusive and humiliating).

That kind of Clemson fanatic doesn’t constitute the bulk of the fanbase but they are out there . I see them. Anytime I write an article that doesn’t fit the negative fanatic’s agenda or criticizes them, I see them.

Lots of fans can get excitable while watching games. I do it too. I don’t think Swinney is addressing the everyday fan who wears their heart on their sleeve and can get emotional in the moment.

Dabo Swinney was addressing the negativity expressed by a small component of the Clemson Football fanbase

A vocal minority can create the illusion that they represent a large part of the fanbase. I disagree that Swinney was triggered by everyday fans. He was lecturing that vocal minority, even if he mistakenly believes them to be a majority.

If you are a fan that occasionally gets bent out of shape, it’s okay. Swinney wasn’t talking to you. He loses his cool sometimes too. We’ve all seen it.

Swinney was talking about the fanatics of the lunatic fringe that can’t take a step back and quit the negativity, and he wasn’t wrong.