Clemson Tigers News: Orange Bowl ugliness, Hunter Tyson for Prez

By now you know the results of the Orange Bowl and what my state of mind is for Clemson football.

I’m a pretty conservative guy and don’t sway between first and third downs, as a lot of Tiger fans tend to do.

That said, I was disappointed in the Clemson football performance Friday night.  Not that they lost, but it was more of HOW they lost, dominating the stats, but failing to capitalize on multiple opportunities.

An 11-3 season and ACC Championship is nothing to sneeze at and I’m old enough to remember when that was just a dream.

On the other hand, if best is the standard, that certainly wasn’t the best.

There were good things that happened and some that, well, just weren’t the Clemson football we have grown to know and love over the last 7 or 8 years.

It’s fair to question a lot of things with this program right now, and no I’m not talking about NIL or the transfer portal.

The team has lost some of its toughness and dare I say will to win.

As Clemson fans, sometimes we don’t want to admit the shortcoming of the current teams.  I love Cade Klubnik and believe he’ll grow into a very good quarterback.

Will he be Desahun Watons? Or Trevor Lawrence?

I know I’ve broached this subject, oh 478,214 times, but there is no Mike Williams or Tee Higgins on this team.

Clemson football players dominating in the NFL is a testament and telltale sign that things are different now

Those guys are making a mark in the NFL for a reason.  They were men among boys in college football and Clemson football is missing that and made plays that won plays and games when things seemed hopeless.

Clemson needs more of those types of guys.

Hunter Tyson goes off

Not everyone struggled Friday, as Hunter Tyson had a career day, scoring 31 points and grabbing 15 rebounds as Clemson men’s basketball moved to 3-0 in the ACC.

It was a nice win and a big win for Clemson, as North Carolina State was the Tigers second-best win to date behind Penn State.

That said, the shooting (other than Tyson) left a lot to be desired and I’m worried about this team long-term if Alex Hemenway can’t get healthy.