Clemson football: Planned visit for 5 star jolts Tiger recruiting

Over the last several years the news that a five star recruit was planning a visit to the Clemson football facilities had become no big deal.  It was a regular thing, something that became expected and the question was how many would accept the Tigers scholarship offer.

Things have changed a bit and while the Tigers still get a their share of five stars when it became apparent five star Peter Woods will be in Clemson for the biggest recruiting weekend of the summer, it was indeed welcomed news.

Woods, from Alabaster, Alabama is ranked #27 overall in the 247 composite and third among defensive ends.

The one prediction on the site has Woods heading to Alabama and while the Tide has to be considered the favorite headed into next weekend, recruiting analyst Jason Priester shared that he believes Clemson has a shot.

Yes, I still believe Clemson has a realistic shot of landing Peter Woods. Having said that, Clemson fans know all too well how difficult it is to pull elite-level defensive talent out of the state of Alabama. Nick Saban tends to get the ones he wants, and he wants Woods, so it will be an uphill battle.

How much of a shot the Tigers have depends on your point of view, but the fact that Woods is scheduled to be in Clemson for this particular weekend is important.

Priester is always level-headed when it comes to these recruiting battles as the quote above reflects, but this news brings optimism to what has had the appearance of a lackluster spring on the recruiting trail for Clemson.

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You can’t win the recruiting battle if you aren’t in it and it appears that the Tigers are in this one and have a chance to make a splash next weekend.