Clemson football: The truth about Tony Elliott as an offensive coordinator

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Tony Elliott

Tony Elliott, Clemson football (PHOTO COURTESY OF IMAGN)

The Clemson football fanbase is torn when it comes to the topic of Tony Elliott as the offensive coordinator.

Many Clemson football fans look at the success that the Tigers have had in the past and believe that Elliott is being unfairly mistreated by fans and media members who question him. Other Tiger fans have questioned play-calling for several years predating this 2021 season and much of that frustration has come to a head as we sit almost at the midpoint of an abysmal offensive year.

So, today we’re going to tackle what is possibly the most polarizing topic in Clemson football circles today: Where should Tiger fans stand on Tony Elliott?

*This is an in-depth feature where we’ll take a look at Elliott’s track record, the offensive production under him in the past versus this season, questions that have to ask about Elliott and an overall conclusion on where Tiger fans should fall on the current Clemson offensive coordinator.*

The truth about Tony Elliott as the Clemson football offensive coordinator

1. Tony Elliott’s track record & past

Let’s start this off by saying this: Tony Elliott the person is one of the nicest, most-caring people that you will ever meet.

He has made an impact in the Clemson community and he is leader, servant and great influence. There’s no doubt that Clemson football players have become better citizens and young men because of the leadership put forth by Elliott.

But what about Elliott the football coach?

In the seasons that Tony Elliott was the co-offensive coordinator or offensive coordinator, Clemson has gone to six CFB Playoffs, won two National Championships and won six-straight ACC Championships. The Tigers have also finished the regular season with an undefeated 12-0 record twice. We also shouldn’t forget that Elliott was the offensive play-caller in the 2019 National Championship game where Clemson absolutely thrashed Alabama.

During the seasons he has been the coordinator, Clemson posted the best numbers statistically in program history. They averaged more than 500 yards per game in every single one of those seasons, other than in 2017 where they averaged more than 400 yards per game.

It should also be noted that Elliott has been contacted for numerous head coaching positions and has turned them down, so there are others who believe he has a great football mind.

So, here’s the question: Should those numbers and the success that Clemson has enjoyed in the past be attributed to Elliott? Or, perhaps, is there something else that might be a driving force?

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