Clemson football: 2021 weigh-in shows the offseason buy-in

Clemson football kicked off its 2021 college football with its annual “big weigh-in” and the results are absolutely fascinating.

With UGA on the horizon, Clemson football has a lot to focus on over the next 30 days before they head to Charlotte to take on the Dawgs. Given the way the 2020 college football season ended for the Tigers, the focus should not be a problem and from the results of the weigh-in, the coaching staff has everyone’s undivided attention.

All the science that goes into creating football players is often overlooked. Most people have zero ideas of all of the pieces that go into a player’s physique. Many see fat boys up front and six-packs everywhere else but that could not be further from the truth.

Every player has calorie counts, weight goals, sleep goals, workout goals, and the science that goes into determining all of that is what sets Clemson football apart from most programs across the country; even the chefs that cook every day for the football program are part of the science used to create the players that will take the field 15 times in 2021.

Clemson football weigh-in shows the buy-in

If you have not seen the incredible transformations that have taken place over the last nine months for players that went through spring practice, you should.

What the big weigh-in has shown is that players are focused, hungry, and understand what they can achieve in 2021. Whether a player gained 30 pounds, lost 30 pounds, or stayed where they should ideally be, that all show the focus from every aspect of the roster.

Coach Batson, who has been the long-time strength and conditioning coach for the Tigers, battled personal medical issues this year, so his staff had to pick up the slack and they clearly rose to the occasion.

The mission statement of the Jervey Athletic Center Weight Room has clearly been applied by each player and S&C coach this offseason and that will pay dividends as the Tigers embark on their annual 15 game schedule in 2021.

“The major goal of the Tiger Strength, Speed and Conditioning Program is to provide to our competitve athletes the means by which they develop attitude, work ethic, mental toughness, discipline and pride, in-self and total program.

Athletes will train consistently, sensibly, and systematically over a designed and designated period of time, in a safe, clean, and professional environment to prevent injuries and enhance performance.

We believe Strength, Speed and Conditioning is the key to a successful athletic career at Clemson University. We are always researching, developing and implementing strategies to give us the cutting edge to achieve peak performance.”

The Tigers have clearly bought in the attitude, work ethic, and mental toughness needed to navigate an off-season as they have.

Those will all be tested over the next 30 days as the football coaching staff gets these guys ready to face their first major test of the 2021 season – beating UGA in Charlotte and putting the country on notice that the Tigers are better than ever and ready to take their crown back.