Clemson football: The absolute worst case-scenarios for conference realignment

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Clemson football

Dabo Swinney, Clemson football Mandatory Credit: Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson football fans have their eyes fixated on the changing landscape of College Football and what might be unfolding in the near future in terms of the future of the sport.

The SEC made two major additions to its member institutions earlier this week when Texas and Oklahoma officially accepted their invitation to join the conference.

That major move has set off a ripple effect among the rest of the nation and there is growing belief that this was just the first of many more dominos to fall.

We’ve taken a look at some moves the ACC could make to enhance the brand and potentially compete with the SEC, but today we’re going look at three of the worst case-scenarios from a Clemson perspective.

The absolute worst case-scenarios for Clemson football in ACC realignment

Worst Scenario No. 1: Notre Dame says ‘no’

If the ACC wants to compete with the SEC in any form of fashion when it comes to television revenue, it has to find a way to coerce Notre Dame into the league as a full-time member.

The only problem? Notre Dame is in no hurry to join a conference.

The ACC has a contract in place with Notre Dame that if the Fighting Irish choose to join a conference in football before the Grant of Rights agreement runs out, it has to be with the ACC. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll feel inclined to do so.

Many have talked about adding Note Dame, but the truth of the matter is that the Irish have next to no reason to join a conference right now. Nothing has changed for them.

If Notre Dame continuously says no, that could spell trouble for the ACC as a whole in terms of revenue.

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