Notre Dame fans complaining about Clemson football schedule epitome of hypocrisy

The Clemson football program constantly gets berated by teams outside of the ACC about its weak conference schedule.

The Tigers have had to overcome the perception of the ACC and the constant bashes that the conference takes due to a mixture of legitimately bad football and poor perception created by love for other conferences.

A little while back, ESPN analyst Bill Connelly projected that Clemson would not play a top-40 team all year outside of Georgia and made the comment that “AAC teams face more than that.”

Following those comments, The Athletic’s Pete Sampson replied saying that Notre Dame would play a harder ACC schedule this year than Clemson football.

Of course, Notre Dame fans jumped all over that statement and ran with it, thinking that it somehow diminishes Clemson all the while completely ignoring their own hypocrisy.


Upset with the Clemson football schedule? Do something about it.

It’s easy for anyone to poke fun at the 2021 Clemson football schedule- though it’s not as bad as you think it is- but Notre Dame fans should probably give it a rest.

The Irish play Florida State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia  Tech in 2021. That by no means is a ‘gauntlet’ and, honestly, they should just be happy that the ACC is giving them games to complete their schedule- that would be atrocious without the ACC- and not including Clemson on it.

If Notre Dame fans are really all that upset about Clemson’s strength of schedule, they actually have the power to do something about it. Join the ACC and you can prove to the rest of the world just how big of a fraud the Tigers are and how they don’t play anybody. Well, if that were actually true.

The truth, however, lies in the fact that ND fans know if they were in the ACC they would get beaten fairly regularly by Clemson and probably would find that the ACC on a year-in, year-out basis isn’t quite as easy as they make it to be in their minds.

No one is saying that Clemson’s schedule is daunting or that Notre Dame wouldn’t be a perennial power in the ACC. As a matter of fact, everyone knows the Irish would be consistent contenders in the ACC- although they aren’t one of the best two, maybe even three teams this year- but you can’t talk about a foe’s conference schedule and its easiness if you’re going to remain an independent. The conversation simply doesn’t involve you.

Especially if that foe is a team that took you two overtimes at home to beat when they were depleted and then boat-raced you in the second matchup when fully healthy.