Clemson football: ACC is celebrating getting played by Notre Dame

The Clemson football program has carried the ACC as a conference for more than a half-decade now and it doesn’t seem like anybody is set to step up as of yet.

The Tigers have won six-straight ACC Championships and their latest conference title came against a program that has adamantly denied to be a part of a conference: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Clemson football fans will just shake their heads following the ACC’s decision to celebrate its one-year bout with Notre Dame

The ACC Network broadcasted an entire feature on the year Notre Dame football had in the ACC.

You know? That one year when the Fighting Irish had absolutely no leverage and their conference partners in the ACC gave them an entire regular season full of games and allowed them to play in their conference championship?

Oh, and not only that, the ACC was the sole reason Notre Dame even made it to the CFB Playoff. Without having a Power 5 schedule, the Irish are nothing more than a glorified BYU during the 2020 season and they’re certainly not getting the nod over another SEC team or even the Big 12 champion if they had one loss.

And this was the attitude of Irish fans well before the season began and continued to keep throughout the run:

And we’re going to celebrate that?

The ACC celebrates having Notre Dame in the conference for a year like it was a good thing? Sure, you got a little bit of NBC money- and that Clemson game did generate some major revenue- but you missed out on a golden opportunity to have real discussions that could’ve changed the conference permanently and for the long-term.

But, instead, you decided to give Notre Dame everything it needed without batting an eye just to let them walk free giving away absolutely nothing in return. And the conference celebrates that as if it was a success.

Say what you want to about Greg Sankey and the SEC. No one here is a fan of the SEC or the ‘conference pride & allegiance’ that lives within the fan bases of that league. That being said, he wouldn’t have let that slide.

And then we wonder why the ACC- outside of Clemson football- continues to remain near the bottom in the Power-5.

Every single other program in the Notre Dame Athletic Department is in the ACC and yet the Irish football program has gotten more attention by the network in just the last year than all the other programs combined.