Trevor Lawrence owed absolutely no one clarification, but shows his maturity

This past weekend, former Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence issued clarification following confusion taken from quotes he shared in a Sports Illustrated cover story.

Trevor Lawrence, who held an impressive 34-2 record as a starter at Clemson, was accused by many of not being focused enough or having the right competitive nature after some bad misinterpretations were given.

After many misconstrued his words where he talked about the importance of his faith and family and how he doesn’t let football control his identity or worth, Lawrence showed his maturity yet again and issued clarification on his comments.

Trevor Lawrence handles doubters with class, but it wasn’t necessary

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due: Trevor Lawrence is genuinely one of the most humble and mature players that I’ve ever had the privilege of watching.

The way he handles criticism is healthy and respectful. He never looks to prove doubters wrong, but instead shows a great attitude and lets his talking speak for itself.

That being said, there was no reason for him to clarify anything.

These people- sports talk radio hosts and national ‘hot take’ analysts- are just looking for anything to make a big deal about. Fans who don’t like Lawrence aren’t going to like him no matter what he says and anyone who talks about these quotes being a ‘big deal’ have never seen him play or they simply have trouble in the ‘evaluation department.’

No one here is saying that Lawrence is perfect or that he doesn’t need to develop.

But anyone who would question his commitment to the game or to winning- after he won every single game in high school besides one and then made three-straight CFB Playoffs, and won a National Championship his freshman season with Clemson– doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Lawrence showed maturity beyond his years, but make no mistake about it: He owed no one any type of clarification, especially those doubters.