Clemson football: South Carolina stages video with NFL head coach

South Carolina football loves to copy everything Clemson football does.

Clemson football fans know that the “rivalry” with South Carolina hasn’t actually been a rivalry in quite some time. While the Gamecocks had Dabo Swinney’s number early in his career, he is now playing chess while they are too busy attempting to copy his every move rather than counterattack.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The Gamecocks have spent most of the last decade attempting to catch Clemson on and off the field. Replica facility, head coach with a similar background, social media focus, signing not one but two former Clemson players, and plenty of other examples.

The only thing that they cannot copy – on the field success.

The SEC saved South Carolina from a seventh embarrassing loss to the Tigers in 2020 – though, to their credit, South Carolina brass tried their best to make sure the game could be played. This turned out to be the only good news for the program over the last year.

They had the worst recruiting class among all SEC and ACC teams – only Oregon State was worse. They won just two football games and fired their head coach – again.

Clemson football speaks for itself while South Carolina is having to stage praise from an NFL head coach.

At some point before or after the South Carolina pro-day, Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule and the Gamecocks social media team staged a 24-second video where he claimed to be “blown away” by their facilities.

They had him put on a Gamecock pullover and tucked his jacket flap in so that the Gamecock emblem was actually seen in the video. Of course, fans are eating it up and thinking that having a coach that won five games in his first year as a head coach in the NFL will somehow help them recruit and get them closer to catching Clemson.

When the results on the field don’t match the facilities, it doesn’t matter who you get to speak for you and your greatness. Players want to be at a place where they can develop into winners on and off the field and have a chance at achieving all of their dreams.

That is why the elite chooses Clemson football, not South Carolina.