Clemson football: Shane Beamer receives mail asking him to donate to Clemson

Shane Beamer hasn’t even been a head coach against Clemson football and he’s already being trolled

Clemson football fans are itching to see their team get back on the gridiron to take on in-state rival South Carolina this coming season.

The Tigers and Gamecocks had a streak of 111-straight years of playing against one another before the 2020 season occurred. Because of the SEC’s rule that it wouldn’t play any non-conference opponents during the regular season, that streak was broken.

Clemson football still holds a six-game winning streak over the Gamecocks, but South Carolina has brought in a new coach who fans are hoping will bring them back to the ole days of Steve Spurrier.

Shane Beamer coached under the leadership of Spurrier and is returning to Columbia after stints with Virginia Tech, Georgia and Oklahoma.

Funny enough, Beamer just recently bought a house in Columbia and was a bit surprised to see what had been delivered when he checked his mailbox.

It’s unclear if this was done by a Clemson football fan or someone at the University, or if this was just a well-timed accident

You get things all the time that you didn’t sign up for in the mail, but something tells us that this was done as a trolling job by someone.

If you’re a Clemson fan, how many times have you received mail from the University of South Carolina asking you to donate, especially if you live in the upstate? The answer is probably not too often. But it just so happens that the new head coach gets a piece of Clemson mail after he moves into his new house.

We haven’t even seen Beamer coach against the Tigers yet and he’s already being trolled (in a fun and harmless way, we might add).

While Beamer may refuse to contribute to Clemson right now, the truth is that he’ll be helping the Tigers out quite a bit this coming November when they pick up their seventh-straight win and get to say that they ‘rule the state’ for yet another season.

How fun is it to have this rivalry back?