Clemson football: Ohio State’s lack of games played will be the difference

Ohio State’s lack of games will be the difference against Clemson football

The Clemson football team will take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Allstate Sugar Bowl this Friday night with major stakes in play.

The Tigers and Buckeyes matched up in the CFB Playoff semifinals last December and we saw Clemson come away the victor. Now, it is Ohio State who will be looking for revenge this time around.

The winner of this game- just like last year- will advance to the National Championship where they’ll take on the winner of the Alabama-Notre Dame semifinal from earlier in the day.

The truth of the matter, though, is that Ohio State’s lack of games will be the difference in this pivotal Clemson football matchup.

Clemson football will either have an advantage or a disadvantage against Ohio State

We can’t ignore the fact that these two teams are not equal.

As Dabo Swinney has pointed out, there’s a risk and there’s a grind that comes with playing more football games.

Clemson has played 11 games to this point. Ohio State, on the other hand, has only played six. The Tigers have been battling through fall camp and straight into their season since mid-August. The Buckeyes didn’t start their practice until October. As a matter of fact- just for reference- Clemson’s regular season had already been underway before Ohio State began running through preseason camp.

That means there will be a glaring advantage or disadvantage when these two teams take the field and it all has to do with the lack of games played by Ohio State.

It will either be…

Ohio State has a clear advantage because Clemson has less film on them, plus the Tigers played a much more grinding schedule that basically doubles the amount of games that the Buckeyes have played.

Or it will be…

Clemson has a clear advantage because the Buckeyes have only played six games and the Tigers have had time to develop while OSU has not.

There will be no in-between and you’ve got to believe that those extra five games played by Clemson football will be the difference (for good or for bad) in this matchup.