Clemson Football: Ohio State rematch is exactly what Tigers want

A rematch with Ohio State is exactly what Clemson football wanted

A rematch with the Ohio State Buckeyes is exactly what the Clemson football program wanted in the first-round of the CFB Playoff.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why would Clemson football want a rematch with Ohio State? Hasn’t Dabo Swinney said he doesn’t believe that the Buckeyes should make the CFB Playoff?

Yes- and he’s absolutely correct- but there is a specific reason that the Tigers are going to be just fine with playing the Buckeyes in the CFB Playoff semifinals and it has nothing to do with ‘X’s and O’s’ or matchups on the field.

Clemson football has a chance for revenge against the Buckeyes

Now, many of you are already thinking: Revenge? Clemson beat Ohio State the last time the two teams played and they have never lost to the Buckeyes.

That’s true.

But if you know anything *and I mean anything* about the fallout that happened between the two schools, then you’ll know what ‘revenge’ I’m talking about.

Clemson may have won the matchup on the field back in December of 2019, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to Ohio State fans. For the last year, Buckeyes fans have done nothing but bash Clemson football.

They’ve been at the doorsteps ready to pounce on anything negative coming out of Tiger Town. They have complained about officiating calls and claimed that the referees were the reason that they lost the game.

For far too long, Tiger fans have had to listen to that nonsense. And you can better believe that it has crept into the Clemson football locker room, as well.

If you don’t think Dabo Swinney will use that as motivation, you’re dead wrong. Ohio State may have lost every time the two teams have played, but the Tigers want nothing more than to get revenge in the worst kind of way.

You better guarantee Clemson will come out focused and ready to go for a rematch against Ohio State and you better believe that if the Tigers get the chance, they’ll make sure there’s no question about who ‘should’ve, could’ve or would’ve’ won this time around.

Be careful what you wish for, Ohio State. Clemson wants the rematch too.