Clemson Football: It doesn’t make sense to schedule a game on Dec. 12

Clemson football hasn’t scheduled a game for the Dec. 12 open date

The Clemson football team had its game with Florida State canceled just a couple of weeks ago and there has been plenty of chatter since then about the two teams potentially coming to an agreement for a game on Saturday, Dec. 12.

The ACC set aside Dec. 12 as an open date for every team in the conference the week before the ACC Championship as a way to make up games that might be postponed during the regular season due to COVID outbreaks.

While many programs have games scheduled for that date, there has been no indication from Clemson football that the Tigers will try to make up the game against the Seminoles or schedule another ACC opponent for that weekend.

There’s no reason for Clemson football to play a game on Dec. 12

The truth is that there’s no reason for Clemson to play a game that weekend before the ACC Championship.

If the Tigers finish the year with an 8-1 record in the ACC- assuming a win against Virginia Tech this weekend- they would lock up the second spot in the conference standings and get to play in the championship game in Charlotte, without any questions.

Even if Miami is able to reschedule its canceled game from this weekend and the Hurricanes end up playing all 10 with a 9-1 record, they wouldn’t get in over the Tigers because the ACC’s rule is to use head-to-head as the tiebreaker for teams without equal amounts of conference games.

In addition to the fact that the Tigers would lock up a berth in the conference title game this weekend with a win, think about all that would be at stake if they did choose to play another game- against FSU or another ACC opponent:

  • If they somehow lost, they wouldn’t make it to the conference championship.
  • They risk injuries the week before the most important game of the season.
  • They are spending time preparing for an opponent other than Notre Dame.

If you don’t play that week, you get two weeks to prepare for a rematch with the Fighting Irish and you are in the championship game. If you play, you risk losing your spot in the conference title and you would only get one week to prepare for the Irish.

To add on top of all of that, you’d also be risking injuries in a game that has all risk and basically no reward for your time.

The decision is simple: Don’t schedule an opponent for that weekend and get ready for the ACC Championship.