Trevor Lawrence needs a ‘stat grabber’ to jump back in Heisman race

Trevor Lawrence is becoming an afterthought in the Heisman race

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence has been basically left for dead in the 2020 Heisman Trophy race after being the front-runner earlier in the season.

Trevor Lawrence, who was the face of College Football coming into the season, has since been forgotten in national talks due to the face that he has missed the last four weeks of the season following a two-week stint of isolation and then an open date and a cancellation.

With Lawrence out, the Heisman race has become an afterthought in the Heisman race.

Pro Football Focus just released its updated Heisman rankings and had Trevor Lawrence- the early season favorite- as No. 5 on the list. Ahead of him? Mac Jones (Alabama), Zach Wilson (BYU), Justin Fields (Ohio State) and Kyle Trask (Florida).

Trevor Lawrence needs a ‘stat-grabber’ to jump back in the Heisman race

If there’s any shot at all of Lawrence getting back into the Heisman race, it’s going to have to be done with a major stat-grabbing game.

He’s going to need to have an afternoon- like this weekend against Pitt– where he throws for more than 400 yards and accounts for five touchdowns or something along those lines and time is running out.

The Heisman voters are only going to consider regular season and conference championship performances and that means Lawrence will have just three more times- possibly four if the FSU game is made up- to make a run at winning the award.

We all know that the Heisman is just a popularity contest and we all knew it was going to be hard for Lawrence to win it simply because of the expectations placed on him coming into the season, but it’s an absolute shame that he’s fallen this far down the list and it shows a lot about the voters.

That being said, if he wants to get back in the race, he needs a major performance with some highlight reel plays and he needs it now.