Clemson football: Senior class was historical and program changing at home

What do you say about a Clemson football senior class that goes undefeated at home?

In the history of Clemson football, no senior class has ever gone undefeated at home until now. When you think about tough it is to win in major college football and for this team to have gone 27-0 at home is among the greatest accomplishments a team can have.

Taking a deeper look at the numbers shows you just how impressive this Clemson football team has been the last four years at home. When we say home games, we mean actual games at Death Valley and are not including games in the playoffs or in the ACC Championship game when labeled the “home” team.

Clemson football versus Top 25 opponents

Clemson football seniors faced four Top 25 teams at home over the last four seasons – Auburn (2017), NC State (2018), Texas A&M (2019), and Miami (2020).

During those four games, offensively they racked up 121 points while giving up just 40. For those that don’t feel like doing the math, the math breaks down to a final score of 30-10 over Top 25 teams at home.

For the Clemson haters, they played other ranked opponents throughout the season, but most of them were on the road.

Clemson football overall at home since 2017

Clemson football last suffered a regular-season home loss back in 2016 – to Pittsburgh and one that was a lot like the one the Tigers beat handily Saturday night.

It was Senior night and that Pitt team was led by a senior quarterback and a very good defensive line.

However, this Clemson football team was focused and has continued to employ a lot of lessons learned in that game despite not having many of these same players on the roster back then.

Over the last four seasons at home, the Tigers outscored their opponents 1,178-336, which equates to an average final score of 43.6-12.4.

While there are still six weeks left for this senior class to write the final chapter of their Clemson book, there is no doubt that it will be as spectacular as anything we have ever seen in Tigers uniform.