Clemson football: Tigers aren’t looking for approval from other fan bases

Clemson football is going to get everyone’s best shot, especially on social media.

When you rise to be the top dog in your field, everyone wants to take you down. When they aren’t able to, people turn to social media to let everyone know how pathetic they think you are and Clemson football is getting all of that right now.

Not only is Clemson football getting every program best shot on the field, but they are also getting everyone’s best (worst) on social media.

After a 73-7 annihilation of Georgia Tech today, many Yellow Jackets faithful took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with what they saw as poor sportsmanship, just like Miami fans did last week. At the end of the day, neither Dabo Swinney nor Clemson football has anything to apologize for.

Clemson football isn’t looking for your respect.

Let’s be honest, what fans of other programs across the country think of Clemson football or head coach Dabo Swinney means nothing to those in the programs and they definitely mean diddly-squat to Clemson fans.

The crying from upset fans is nothing more than a tear buffet of fun things to read on Twitter.

Georgia Tech fans are crying about guys like walk-on quarterback Hunter Helms and punter Will Spiers throwing the ball in the fourth quarter. Are players that work their tails off just supposed to take a knee on the off chance that they get to take a few snaps in a real game?

It would be understandable if Trevor Lawrence was in the game throwing on fourth down but not walk-on players and freshmen who may only get a few snaps in their entire careers.

At the end of the day, anyone who has ever played a sport, male or female, has always been taught and coached to play until the final whistle blows. No one is taught to only play to the final whistle as long as the losing fan base is okay with it and won’t fill their pampers in the process.

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Whether fans of other programs respect Dabo Swinney and Clemson football is inconsequential at the end of the day and will not change a single aspect about how this program is run.