WATCH: Miami player brags about knocking out Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence

WATCH: Miami player brags about knocking out Clemson’s Trevor Law

The Clemson football team came away with a dominating 42-17 victory over the Miami Hurricanes Saturday evening and it really wasn’t even that close.

The Tigers dominated in every single facet of the game and they proved without a doubt that they were the best team on the field by far and away.

Despite Clemson’s dominance and the amount of points the Tigers were able to put up on the Hurricanes, it seemed that many Miami players were just content to talk trash and take the L.

A clip from ESPN’s Skycam has been circulating on Twitter and it captured audio from the moment when Trevor Lawrence went down with an apparent injury. Lawrence had actually just gotten the breath knocked out of him, but at the time he was wincing in pain and while it didn’t look serious, it didn’t look good either.

Though Clemson was leading by 18 at that point, a couple of Miami defenders decided that it’d be a smart idea to talk trash about possibly injuring the Tiger quarterback. (Video via Tolley Jenkins)- please excuse the language.

There’s just a large difference in culture between Clemson and Miami

Later on that drive, Lawrence called his own number near the goal line and scored a touchdown. A Miami defender lowered his head after Lawrence was in the end zone and that caused the Clemson QB to get up and spike the ball.

Despite his clear and understandable anger, Dabo Swinney was quick to call him out when Lawrence when he made his way to the sideline.

Swinney told Lawrence that he was better than that and that they weren’t going to stoop to the level of the Hurricanes.

That, in my opinion, just shows the major difference in culture between the Clemson and Miami football programs.

The Tigers later elected to try and score another touchdown as time expired and some accused Clemson of poor sportsmanship by running that last play, but with audio like this and the clear frustrations coming from the Tigers as they had to deal with the mouths of Miami players all night long, it’s pretty easy to see why Swinney had no second thoughts about trying to score a final touchdown.